Must Have Tools for Any DIY Enthusiast

Does anyone else get that exciting feeling when you get a new tool to add to your collection?

Having all the right equipment is a must for every Do It Yourselfer. For some, it’s more than just a box of handy equipment, it’s a hobby, something to get stuck into which allows them to escape from their everyday stresses. Most households have the necessary basics, a hammer, a screwdriver, nails, a tape measure and maybe even a drill! But only the real, well prepared DIY masters have these tools in their box.

A combination square is vital for your toolkit, say goodbye to the often lost, classic tape measure and pencil and try out this contraption. Made up of a ruled blade and interchangeable heads, your DIY activities just became a lot easier. A combination square helps create precise cuts and set heights accurately.

Why risk guessing where to hammer a nail and then have to spend more time and money to patch up your slip-up, when you could just invest in a stud finder? This handheld device ensures you never have to make the same mistake again, choose from a magnetic stud finder which will work on wooden studs and an electric one which works on metal studs.

A marxman marker is another simple tool which will make your DIY days much easier. When marking fixing holes, use this device to clearly see where you need to drill. The marxman marker spurts coloured chalk into the hole, ensuring a visible spot for you to accurately start drilling without causing any damage.

Do you struggle with the flimsiness of a standard tape measure? Especially when you are working alone and don’t have anybody to hold the other end? Well, a Stanley laser distance measurer could be the answer for you! They are more accurate and can also measure the area and volume of a room.

A non-contact voltage tester is a safe way for you to test your circuits are live. It avoids any contact with metal, all you have to do is make the end of the device touch the outside insulation of the wire. It’s a small hand held size which won’t take up much room in your bag and could potentially save your life!

For those more experienced do it yourselfers, a power tool such as a nail gun is a great way to save your time and effort. Although in some situations hammering individual nails is necessary, when it comes to basic nails, this gun is a much quicker solution. Another power tool which is a popular choice is the Miter Saw. The adjustable saw make neat angled cuts an easy task with a professional finish.

All of these must-have tools are a popular choice for large firms. They are used by major companies such as McCormick Architecture, who are architects in Cheshire, who will use some of these tools when sketching and planning etc.

Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash

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