Flowers and self-care in December

You deserve something special. At the beginning of the year, I shared some ideas for thriving in the winter months: things that spark a little joy. Pep you up a little. We all need some time for a little creativity, personal treats and time out. This is another reminder to do something for yourself, for many women the next few weeks will be a endless whirl of things to do for other people; present buying, food ordering, cards, wrapping and just when you stop for a moment an email pings about the school Christmas fair.

I’m urging you to exercise a little self-care, spoil yourself a little and I’m suggesting some ideas that are good for the soul.

Faff with flowers

There is nothing better for the soul than forgetting the clock and spending time being a little creative, combine that with receiving flowers and you have the perfect formula for a self-care gift. I’ve discovered a very clever idea in Flowerbe letter box flowers, a package of flowers delivered to your door. The flowers arrive loose but carefully packed. The rest is up to you, enjoy the spell of faffing and arranging in your own little bubble of contentment. Put your phone in another room, make a pot of tea and just get lost in the moment; twist stems, tilt blooms and re-arrange foliage.

Fresh flowers direct from the grower and if you can’t find your inner creative – don’t worry:  The flowers arrive with a booklet of ideas, tips and inspiration. There is a choice of one-off delivery or regular flower subscription. The subscription has flexible options, so if you wanted something more tied to your interiors; whites for a fresh Scandi feel in January; orange to contrast with a dark wall in September. That can be organised.

A stand alone delivery would be lovely activity for a grey December afternoon when the fairy lights on are and darkness falls early.  Fill the house with the scent of fresh flowers and enjoy some personal creativity. Split up the blooms across rooms, single stems in small holders or create something bold for the centre of your mantlepiece. If I haven’t convinced to indulge yourself, then a FlowerBe subscription would, of course, make a special gift, add it to your list for your best friend.

Photo credits: FlowerBe.

Have lunch with a friend

Friends are people that keep us going when times are stretched. This time of year is when we are least likely to see the people who know us best. Instead, we are roped into “Christmas drinks” that can be completely hit or miss. I’m suggesting you avoid the crush and support small, local eateries. A month or so ago, I ate lunch at Dela Bristol. A new independent opening, serving local and seasonal inspired food. An airy, light filled space with sharing plates (Dela means share in Swedish). A slow hour or two  enjoying food and good company. Text a friend and make a date and don’t forget cake.

Dela Bristol

Dela Bristol

Get a word for the year

Every year Susannah Conway launches are word for the year. A short e-course around reflecting on your hopes and finding a word that summarises your ideals for the year before you. I’ve found it really useful to take some time out between in that quiet time at the end of December, to reflect on achievements of the past year, which so often get forgotten in a culture of self-improvement resolutions.

Making a framework for the coming year encapsulated in a word is a gentler way to start January. Rather than listing things you might do more of or give up. Find a word and then get with the Instagram trend for slogan apparel get it printed on a t’shirt: Courage, Brave, Change. Only you know it means to you and everyone else simply thinks you are very on-trend.

Order a beauty advent calendar

As a child, did you have a card advent with pictures behind each door? I remember one having glitter on the front, which I thought was a really special.  I loved the anticipate each morning. What picture would be behind the door?  Advents have changed. Last Christmas,  I ordered myself a beauty advent from M&S. At the time, I wondered if it was an little over-indulgent.  An advent calendar on steroids, still cardboard, but a scented hand cream replaced a print of carol singers.  The happy anticipation each morning completely brightened my December. The products lasted months and without hesitation, I’ve ordered another this year.  Here’s 21 of the best! Go on treat yourself.

December Intentions. Plans for the month ahead.

You deserve it.

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