Your Puppy and Dog Proofing Checklist

Your puppy/pooch proofing checklist

Puppy Proofing checklisgt

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It’s easy to see why people say that dog is man’s best friend. Endless and everlasting love, unconditional loyalty and a true friend for life. What more could us humans need or want? If you’re thinking of introducing another new furry friend into your family or this will be your first family pet, then there are a few important things you need to consider, to make sure that everyone gets along, and everything goes smoothly.

Whether you go for popular cross breed puppies or something a little more pedigree, no one said that owning a dog would be easy, but with these hints and tips you can hopefully make the transition a little simpler.

Puppy proofing

Bringing home a dog or a puppy for the first time can be a little bit like opening a window and letting a whirlwind inside! Think rambunctious toddler but with four legs and tail instead…so, just like having a toddler you need to make sure that everything is safe secure and “puppy-proof”.

Sometimes it literally means getting on your hands and knees, down to dog level and seeing what could quickly become a hazard. If they want to keep them away from little teeth, get your children to pick up their toys, all the small parts, gaming controllers, pens and colouring pencils and put them well out of reach!


Just like a toddler, puppies are naturally curious and head straight for all those things they shouldn’t go near. Including electrics. When you’re down at puppy level, take time to check that all the electrical wires aren’t within reach – if you find yourself unsure if your puppy could reach that dangly TV aerial wire, then find a way to tuck it out of sight and out of reach. Better to be safe than sorry.

Take time to get your house ready and get socket covers for all your outlets – and once you’ve used a socket make sure you cover it up again.

Your bins

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and it’s a similar scenario for your dog! It’s important to remember that our food is not your dog’s food – and if they manage to knock your bin over and get into it’s contents then they’ll be very happy indeed. 

Your puppy or new dog will probably eat and chew anything given the chance, and many things in your bin probably aren’t good for them – think dirty nappies, egg shells and used kitchen roll. So, make sure the bin can’t be easily accessed or knocked over.

Your fencing

When was the last time you checked your garden fencing? If there’s a panel loose, or a weak spot in the wood that can be easily manipulated then I’m pretty sure that your dog will find it! Keeping your puppy or dog contained not only keeps them from getting into trouble, but also from other dogs and animals from getting into your garden. 

And if your pup is a digger – they may grow up to be one! So make sure that the fence foundations go deep enough to stop them burrowing out. 

Puppy Proofing Window Dog

Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

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