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Adding prints to a room, an easy room refresh on a budget. The beginning of the year, is that time when I, like many, get that home decoration itch. That feeling that interiors need a change and/or a refresh. It is also the month when finances are slim. Adding prints is an easy way to give a room a refresh. Prints fill empty wall space with interest, colour and content. Create a focal point or add a splash of colour. Prints are the simple and affordable way to update and refresh a room.

Adding Prints

Decorating with prints. Ideas and tips. Using a affordable prints from Posterlounge.

My home office/guest room has a long wall with two two alcoves of books and a large print. The opposite wall was big and blank and had been crying out of something to fill the space for ages.  When Posterlounge got in touch and offered me some prints and I knew that wall was the perfect space to fill.


Posterlounge has a huge range of prints in a range of themes; from typography to landscapes, architecture to food.  Search by theme, colour, or room inspiration. Buy a simple print at prices starting under £10.00 or choose various sizes and mounting options.

The rule of three

I opted for three prints, to fill a  long wall above a sofa. A large print to fill the wall would have been too much for a small room. A gallery wall presented the same issues, too much in an already busy room. I opted for three prints. Interior advice works on the rule of three.  Placing three objects or pictures works better together than two. You can read more about it here. I felt that given the length of the wall, two prints would have looked a bit lost. Three seemed the right balance and I guess that is why the rule of three works.

Choosing a print

Initially, I found the choice offered by Posterlounge a touch overwhelming. I decided to rule out styles that I didn’t like. Made a list of things I did.  Different themes I toyed with included; a space theme, planets the moon.  City maps.  Simple nature inspired; big leaves.

Taking inspiration from the room

The room is home to books and favourite old films in DVD format. I searched for film inspired prints and found a whole collect of simple prints that reworked film images by the same Netherlands based designer, I loved the simplicity and styling and decided to choose three images from that range.


Decorating with prints. Ideas and tips. Using a affordable prints from Poster Lounge.

As mentioned, the room is busy.  Home to  my desk, two alcoves of books, a patterned rug, and a mid-century cabinet filled with china and glass. The walls are a Farrow and Ball green. Taking the colours of the rug; blues and red, and the yellow that crops up a cushion, on a big Moroccan vase and two smaller vases. I narrowed my search for down to those colours. Poster Lounge has a search by colour function. Finally, deciding on a Wes Anderson theme, because I love his films. I think the simple colours and style work well in a room with a lot going on.

Affordable Prints

For affordability Posterlounge ticks all the boxes, the high quality posters come in various sizes and frame them yourselves, Ikea, Wilko and on-line options sell frames and great prices.


Decorating with prints. Ideas and tips. Using a affordable prints from Posterlounge.

Because I didn’t want to organise getting frames. I ordered the prints in Alu-Dibond finish. Alu-Dibond are 3-mm thick panels with a polyethylene core, which is very durable and light weight and the prints are printed directly on to the finish. The slim metallic prints have a matt-sheen finish and there isn’t the glare or reflection issues of glass. Frameless they are delivered with fittings ready to hang. Simply secure the metal hanging hook to the back of the print via a adhesive strip. Slip in a hook (also provided) and all we had to do was drill a hole in the wall for a screw and the prints are hung. The whole process took minutes.

Decorating with prints. Ideas and tips. Using a affordable prints from Posterlounge.


Gallery Wall

The affordability of Posterlounge prints makes creating a gallery wall achievable. Search Pinterest for guides on how to organise and balance a gallery wall of prints, whether it is cover a large wall in the living room or up a stair case. There are plenty of advice and tips.

Decorating with prints. Ideas and tips. Using a affordable prints from Posterlounge.


With thanks to Posterlounge for the prints to review. All words and opinions are my own.

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