Where to Find Some Interior Design Inspiration

Are you itching to give your home the makeover it’s been waiting for? Or perhaps you’re struggling for ideas with the colour scheme. Whether you’re finding it hard to choose some furniture or you’re just stuck for choice, when you’re designing your perfect home haven, look for inspiration, online, in your friend’s home, in a hotel or even in a local coffee shop.  You may decide to take ideas from different places and end up creating your very own unique look.

interiors and home inspiration

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There are so many different blogs and websites available for you to browse through, so even if you’re getting yourself into a fabric frenzy, we’re here to help with a list of the best. 

It’s hard to scroll through a web results page without coming across a blog, and luckily a lot of those blogs contain some excellent design inspo! Eyeswoon, created by Athena Calderone has some fantastic content full of inspiration, although she also discusses food and recipes, she has a great segment on room décor. Focussing on the colour white in most of her blogs, she shows off her imaginative eye whilst explaining how she produces that modernised, classy look.

With their use of bright colours and bold patterns, Old Brand New really knows how to brighten up a room. If you love this look but don’t feel confident in your own results, go to Old Brand New for some interesting ideas.

Savvy Home is another example of white décor, however this blog shows how to introduce dark colours such as black, navy and brown. This contrast creates a warm, homely feel without losing the savvy style.

Kate Arends, author of Wit and Delight, writes many blogs that cover a range of topics, one of which includes restaurant interiors. For some kitchen inspiration, have a look at her ideas as she shows her futuristic ideas with her unique flair.

Plumbs’ blogs discuss how to achieve great results when re-upholstering furniture. Using plumbs upholstery fabric, it gives fantastic inspiration for giving those tired-looking furnishings a new life.

Now it’s not just experts with paintbrush and their blogs that you can take some inspo from, there are plenty or normal sites out there which can spark your creative side!

Roomenvy is a website which focuses on showing you what the latest colour schemes and designs are. Whether it is for the bathroom, kitchen or bedrooms, you will find some inspiring ideas.

BrightBazzar is a website created by Will Taylor. He aims to help brighten up your rooms by sharing their bright ideas. From lemon wallpaper to statement furniture pieces, you are sure to find that creative clue to liven up your home.

The Houzz website offers ideas for everybody, different styles and colour schemes to fulfil your dream home. Whether it is help with space, colour clashes or furniture choices, you are sure to find what you need.

Designshuffle is a website made up of blogs for those more practical designers. It demonstrates how to make the most out of the space you have and how to create more space for storage.

Apartment 34 aims to inspire you to add colour to your home whilst introducing sophistication and class. It shows that you can still have fun when decorating, incorporating some brighter pieces without it looking random and busy.

Interiors and Home Inspiration

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash


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