Easy Ways to Switch to Eco-Friendly

Do you often find yourself getting involved with ‘going green’ but don’t know what you’re doing it for? Or maybe you’re not even really sure what it means! Well good news is you’re not the only one. Going green is all about doing little things to help the planet. There are many benefits of going eco-friendly for yourself as well as the environment, for example, you could save a lot of money on energy bills by remembering to turn off the lights. So, how else can I switch to eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly lifestyle

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Why not start a compost pile or bin? Using natural waste not only fertilises your garden but is a great way of reducing pollution! It is easier to start composting if you aren’t living in the city because you are more likely to have a garden where you can start a compost heap. However, if you don’t have the area for this, you could use a bin which is designated to composting.

Stop wasting water! Avoid buying bottles of water and instead use tap it’s better for the planet and just as tasty! Every time we use water, more water is being pumped out of the estuaries and rivers and is using energy to be filtered etc. Leaving taps run don’t just rack up a huge water bill but also take up a lot of wasted energy. A lot of large buildings such as hotels, use DAB water pumps to generate air conditioning or central heating and hot water etc. This is beneficial because it avoids having to leave the cold water running whilst it heats up.

Every little helps! Small, simple steps go a long way, especially if everyone sticks to them. For example, turning computers and televisions off, not just on standby but completely off, saves a lot. If you leave your computer switched on, even if it maybe on sleep mode, still uses lots of energy every minute that you’re not using it.

Sharing lifts, whether it’s to work or just to the shops, is another way to help the environment. The main benefit is that cutting down the amount of cars on the road leads to less air pollution, however other benefits include savings in gas and oil! An alternative to car sharing is choosing to walk or cycle around, this not only is better for the planet but also for yourself. It saves money on petrol and other car related finances such as insurance whilst also benefiting your fitness.

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If possible, try to dry your clothes on a washing line or drying rack because tumble dryers use up a lot of energy and will cost you a lot more! This is also the case for dishwashers, it is much more beneficial for the environment and your energy bills to hand wash your dirty pots!

What’s your favourite way to preserve some energy and help towards making the planet a luscious green colour again?

eco-friendly lifestyle

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