Five Interior Spends for the Trend

The days are longer. When sunlight fills the house, it really fills the house, lightening up dark corners and my thoughts are turning to interiors. It is all well and good to start the year with big plans for the home, but the financial squeeze of the New Year makes putting things into practice a little more difficult. As the days getting longer now is the time to revisit interior ideas and trends and think about investment interiors. 

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Investment Interiors are those changes that are more dramatic, cost a little more but make a big impact. I’ve come up with 5 ideas from shutters to sofas that will raise a living space to something more stylish. Keeping those cosy and homely vibes with stunning wallpapers, shiny focal points, more interesting heat sources, shutters for privacy and insulation and soft velvet fabric sofas. 

Magazines and Pinterest might be great place to start, but interiors inspiration can come from anywhere.  I was in a cafe recently, with  plants hanging from the ceiling (which I love) but also bold printed wall paper.


Bored of plain walls? Bold wallpaper is definitely a big interiors crush for 2018, with the botanical theme continuing think; pineapples and palms. If you fear the bold try it in a small space, like the downstairs loo. Bold wallpaper is an expression of personality that will transform a space. Balance pattern with plains. Simple furniture or sofa against a strong wall. Currently, the choice is broad. I love lots of these  prints, particularly the metallic. 

Metallic Accessories

If you aren’t ready for metallic on the wall, add metallic accessories to a room. Copper and brass continue to trend. Invest in an eye catching centre light fitting with a metallic finish, making the perfect focal point for a living space.  There are plenty to choose from glass and metallic chandelier types to pendants either all brass or copper or a metallic finish on the inside to bounce light around.  Continue the glitzy feel with a side table, I really like this one which would look lovely against a dark wall, topped with a clear glass vase full of flowers. 


Looking for something more interesting from your heating options, consider traditional column style radiators. These chunky radiators come in a range of colours and are more of a fit for Victorian properties but work in a range of spaces. I had a gold one in my previous house.  It was reclaimed, very heavy and was a little more hassle to install than a traditional radiator but held the heat for longer than a modern radiator and looked great.  Now it is much easier to buy a modern alternative with the look of traditional column.  More expensive than a plain radiator but much better looking. For ideas have a look at this house tour, I love the use of different styles tall brass in the bedroom and dark low in the living area. 


Taking inspiration from neighbours have you noticed how many people have fitted shutters? Replacing curtains  with stylish shutters has been one of those trends that friends share with friends. In bright rooms shutters offer light control and are therefore a great solution in south-facing rooms. In the living room where bright light in late afternoon can make watching TV difficult, instead of pulling the curtains and sitting in semi darkness, adjust a one or more of the shutters. Beyond white, there are a range  of colours to choose from. They can be fitted across bay windows offering privacy and surprisingly good insulation. Shutters can add value to your home because they are bespoke,  shutters stay with the property when you move. 

Velvet sofas

If this is the year for investing in a sofa, you might want to consider velvet. Forget Scandi greys back on the interiors agenda are velvet sofas in glorious colours. Cotton velvet is more durable and easy clean than you might expect and has a wonderful soft feel. Velvet is a very classic fabric but in bright colours looks modern and bold. Darks walls and with velvet give a room a very luxurious feel and make for a very statement style living space. Bright velvet works just as well against a plain white wall, lifting a room from simple to memorable.

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