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Energy bills are that dull bit of life that we mostly wish someone else would take of. Well, things are changing: Look After My Bills is free energy switching service, which does just as it says on the tin; looks after the bills. Because, let’s be honest paying the electric has no joy attached to it, when you compare it to paying for a weekend away or new buying shoes or splurge on beauty products. I feel that if I can save on dulls bills than I can spent on the things that bring more joy.


There is a great satisfaction in saving money on fuel bills and I’m a keen ‘switcher’.  I like the money saving end result of switching. The actual switching is becoming more of a faff. Which is why I was intrigued when ‘Look After My Bills’ approached me. They told me a little about their service and why they want to promote it. I was sold.

OK, I am keen on switching, but the time and effort isn’t much fun.  I last switched just before Christmas. Firstly, there are the number of  comparison sites. As which point, I find myself reaching for a big pot of tea for comfort and a large chocolate bar.

A quick cruise around the internet and I’m told not all comparison sites have all the tariffs.  I plumped for a couple, because I’m short on time and patience.  The gas and electricity market used to be dominated by “the big 6” suppliers. Now it has some 50+ energy companies all keen to sell.  A page of different energy suppliers pop up. The cheapest is at the top and I think “that will do”. Except, I spot the reviews and customer service scores. Energy companies aren’t all the same.

What does Look After My Bills do?

It aims to reduce energy bills. As a customer, you sign up. It is free and easy to do. Then Look After My Bills regularly scans the market and organises a switch to a fairer deal.  Basically, cutting out the remembering to switch, spend time spent on comparison sites and organising a switch. Sometimes, it works perfectly and sometimes takes follow up phone calls (believe me, I’ve been there).  Look After My Bills takes care of the boring grown up stuff. You, the consumer simply save money. 

Look After My Bills will only switch they can save you at least £50 and to a trusted supplier. As I discovered some energy supplies have poor customer service records. The list pops up, the offer looks good. When you look at little closer you see the customer service scores are really low. Energy companies do go bust and while the Ofgem the energy regulator stepped, organising a replacement supplier, it is a stress none of us need.

How is it free?

Suppliers pay a commission for a switch, as with the comparison sites, this enables Look At My Bills to offer a free service to the customer.

Cold Weather Equals Bigger Bills

The cold weather this week will bring bigger bills. That is really difficult for people on low incomes and an additional cost none of us need. While record numbers of us are switching, many people don’t switch and could be paying £200 or £300 more than they should for be for fuel. Anything that makes this process easier is gets a big positive tick in my book.

Me and my ‘my looking for a better deal’ 100 yard stare.

The Big Deal

Look After My Bills was born from The Big Deal. The Big Deal is a consumer site set up by two friends keen to use the power to customer numbers to push for better deals.  If you think might be paying too much for broadband, for example. You ring the broadband people and attempt to negotiate a better deal. Sometimes that works, sometimes not so much.  Think about it; The number of people in your area that use the same broadband supplier as you? What if you all called the broadband supplier and asked for a better deal?  That is how The Big Deal works, it is about collective bargaining power. In numbers they have 400,000 people registered.

Consumer power

Look After My Bills aims to use that same consumer power. They do the switching for you the customer. The more switches that happen the more competitive the energy companies become. Because they rely on people not switching and sitting on more expensive tariffs and if you don’t switch many of them automatically switch you to a standard (read expensive) tariffs.

What are you waiting for? Have a browse around the Look After My Bills website and register in less time than it take tea to brew.  Save money, by doing less. Simple. 

Look After My Bills


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