Small bedroom ideas that are big in style

Whether you’re living in a flat, an old-style cottage, a vintage or quirky shaped house or you’re living with your parents in your old bedroom – we’re all looking for ways to expand the small by making it look big!

Did you know that even small bedrooms can be gorgeously stylish? If you’re wondering how you’d ever bring such an achievement to fruition, then read on! Here you’ll find small bedroom ideas that’ll make a big impact on your living space but a tiny impact on your wallet.

Make it personal – make it yours

It can be difficult to know how to make a room personal to you when you’re vying for wall and floor space. But there are ways to accomplish this without invading the limited space you have available. One way to do this is to create a gallery wall of your favourite prints; showcase your most memorable moments starring you and the people you love the most. For ways of bringing your prints to life in diverse sizes, check out this website.

We’re not talking the Tate Modern here, just a few well-positioned frames in smaller sizes can do the job perfectly. Use a specific colour scheme – we’d recommend lighter shades –  or stick to black and white prints only and voila! You have your very own wall of fame!

Your colours

The number one rule – keep your colours light and bright! Using white or lighter colours helps stop a small room from looking (and feeling) boxed in. It also brightens up space and gives your walls a larger, more extensive feel.

If you’re worried about your bedroom looking too cold or clinical, then don’t worry. Simply layer your white walls with different shades and textures. Try a monochrome throw on your bed to break up the colour or a chrome lamp or lampshade to add more depth. 

small bedroom ideas

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Your bed

The bed is an important fixture of any bedroom – but it could be taking up more space than it needs to. If your bed has a footboard then it’s time to ditch it and opt for a simple, modern style bed with a low headboard. You could go a step further and invest in a Hollywood-style bed frame. These beds simply support the mattress from underneath and go no further than the perimeter of the mattress.


If you’ve got your heart set on a pattern or a bit more colour in your room then don’t worry. You always have a wallpaper option. The trick here is to make sure the wallpaper doesn’t have a negative effect on the room.

Create a focal wall – preferably the wall behind your headboard and select a design that is bold and striking. Always opt for a large-scale pattern rather than a small and busy one and don’t forget to make everything in your room cohesive with beautifully paired accessories and bedding that matches your chosen colour or design.

Stick to these tips and you’re sure to make your room look and feel much bigger.

small bedroom ideas

Photo by Mister M on Unsplash

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