Vegan Brunch Bristol: Beets ‘n Roots

Vegan Brunch Bristol: Beets 'n Roots Plant based cafe Cotham Hill Bristol

Vegan Brunch Bristol. Beets ‘n Roots on Cotham Hill Bristol has a laid back vibe and with an organic plant based menu, serving brunch, lunch and takeouts. If you are unfamiliar with Cotham Hill it is a little street, off the busy Whiteladies road, with a selection of interesting shops. Tucked half way along is Beets ‘n Roots. The first thing you notice is the wooden terrace out front, with colourful cushions and plants in pots.  A little sun trap and a great spot to sit in the fresh air and people watch. If the sun dips behind a cloud, grab a blanket from the basket. If the rain comes, take up one the inside tables.

Beets ‘n Roots

Beets ’n Roots serves plant based food, the menu is organic and 99% vegan. I don’t eat meat and it is a real treat to visit a cafe that has vegan/vegetarian at the heart, rather than an add-on.  I can read the whole menu, rather than scanning for ‘v’. The emphasis is not only food that tastes good but it is also health giving. Seeds, raw food or food prepared to maintain as much of the nutritional aspects as possible.

Bristol Bloggers and SocialLite invited me along to sample the relaunched spring menu and I was able to try various juices, smoothies and the brunch menu. I’m very influenced by how food looks and, honestly, a beige smoothie isn’t something I’d be first in the queue for. The smoothie contains cacao, date, banana and avocado, nut butter and coconut milk. The consistency is thick and there is a choice of seeds and fruit to top it with. This is a combination I would never opt for. This might not be rational, but it’s how I roll. Nervously, I try the first spoonful. It is really pleasant and I happily finish the bowl. I didn’t expect that of a beige smoothie.


Next confession: I have slight aversion to juice. I appreciate it is good for you and the juices served at Beets ‘n Roots are super good for you, being cold pressed and thus preserving the nutrient content of the vegetables and fruits. I’m slightly wary of beetroot in a glass. It is the colour of beetroot with a slight foam on top, like a very embarrassed pint. Sweetened with lemon and apple, but still tasting pleasantly of beetroot, I’m surprised how good it is. I try the orange, carrot, turmeric and ginger juice which is full of flavour and tasty. I’d drink these again.

Brunch menu

Vegan & Vegetarian Brunch Bristol: Beets 'n Roots. Organic. High vitality cafe and juicery on Cotham Hill

I’ve tried three things from the brunch menu, I visited once (for the event) and then again with a friend. Mushrooms on crunchy sourdough, perfectly cooked with side of pesto. I love mushrooms and couldn’t fault this.

Avocado and tahini on sourdough. Avocado is the current buzz dish, smashed avocado covers a multitude of sins. An eye popping green, this avocado is totally on point, just the right point of ripeness. Both the mushroom and sourdough come with salad and are scattered with China rose sprouts (I googled China rose sprouts and they are full of various vitamins and minerals).
Vegan Brunch Bristol: Beets 'n Roots

My friend opts for the buckwheat pancakes, this was a popular choice from the event, with many enthusiastic comments. I try a big mouthful, the pancakes are light with just the right amount of sweetness hit. Topped with bananas, maple syrup, chocolate, pumpkin seeds and coconut shavings.
Vegan Brunch Bristol: Beets 'n Roots

Good Food

Designed by a nutritional therapist, the menu aims to be hi-vitality and nutritious.  Beets ‘n Roots offer take away options and a hearty lunch menu with includes big raw food buddha bowls. Or stop by for tea, coffee and cakes. I recommend the green tea which is really smooth, green tea can be bitter, this is golden in colour and delicious. Beets ‘n Roots is a really lovely spot, it is the sort of place you could go when you are feeling a bit over tired or overwrought. Take a seat in the sunshine, relax and fill yourself with good to lift the spirits and your body. Or just visit for a tasty brunch or lunch, because we could all do with eating a little better.

Vegan Brunch Bristol: Beets 'n Roots

Disclaimer: I received complimentary food and drink in return for a review. All words and opinions are my own.


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