The Right Skirt for the Warmer Months

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If you are looking for a nice skirt to take you through the summer, you are in the right place. Below, is a quick roundup of the different types of skirts you can find in the shops. Plus, a few suggestions about how you might like to wear them. If you do not have time to read the entire article, just click here to be taken to a page that features most of the ones I am going to tell you about.

Chino and denim skirts

As you all know, I quite like denim. So much so that one of my few fashion posts was a guided tour of the denim items I had in my wardrobe. I still own a lot of denim clothing. It is a fabric that you can rely on and, these days, you can wear it virtually anywhere. So, I for one am quite pleased to see that it is still relatively easy to get your hands on nice denim skirts.

If you are not so keen on that idea, take a look at the chino ones instead. They are also very practical, hardwearing and versatile. Perhaps a little smarter, which makes it slightly easier to pair them with a slightly formal blouse. Most of the chino skirts I have seen are made from stretch material, which means they are comfortable to wear. Plus, they do not really crease across the front, so you should still look smart at the end of the day.

Classic pencil skirts

It has been a while, but the pencil skirt is finally back in vogue. They look nice on virtually anyone. Short, tall, skinny or curvy there is a cut of pencil skirt available that can work for you.

Linen skirts

Keep an eye out for the linen wrap pencil skirts that some retailers are selling. They are extremely stylish and because these skirts are made from linen your legs should be kept lovely and cool. Just be sure to buy one that is properly lined. Linen creases easily. The lining helps to reduce the level of creasing because the lining takes some of the strain. Plus, there is less risk of your underwear showing through the fabric.

Boho maxi skirts

For those of you who want a super feminine look, a Boho style maxi skirt could be a particularly good choice. There are several types that fit into this category. Some of the tiered, tie-dyed and patchwork ones have a particularly strong Bohemian feel. Maxi skirts are not for everyone, but they are a really versatile style of clothing that looks good on most women. So, if you have not tried this cut on for a while it may be worth doing so the next time you go shopping.

Choosing the right cut for you

If you have not worn a skirt for a while, I suggest you read this article before you go shopping for one. It explains how to measure yourself properly and tells you which cuts are most likely to suit your body shape.


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