8 Ways to Transform Your Garden

With summer just around the corner (some would say it’s already here), now is the time to get out into your garden and prepare it for the coming season. As we discussed in ‘8 Ways to Transform Your Kitchen’, finding a space to spend time together with the family is important. With nice weather, the garden can also be a place to spend quality time with those closest to you. It is also the perfect time to give your garden a reboot and make some changes. Here are 8 easy ideas to perk up your garden and prepare it for summer.

1. Stepping Stones

8 Ways to transform your garden. Stepping stones.

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Whether plain concrete or decorated stone, stepping-stones can add a new dynamic to the appearance of your garden as well as being very practical. They provide proper pathways around your plants, and are a great way to ensure that your garden stays lush and green without you wearing out parts of your lawn. With limitless possibilities for customisation and design, it’s no wonder that most landscapers recommend stepping-stones to help your garden stay in tip-top condition.

2. Grow a Herb Garden

8 ways to transform your garden. Grow herbs

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A herb garden is perfect for those who don’t know much about growing plants. While most herbs thrive in warmer weather conditions, some you can start planting in the late spring, and herbs like parsley, dill and coriander even grow better when the temperature is colder. Generally requiring little maintenance, apart from regular pruning, a herb garden is the perfect way to add new plants to your garden. Not only does it look good, they are great for your cooking needs, and some like basil, thyme and dill even repel insects.

3. Tool Storage Solution

A tool shed is a great idea for your garden as it will allow you keep your garden organised and allow more space for your gardening needs. By storing away all your tools it will eliminate the chances of you losing or misplacing them. Natural Living Ideas suggest building a shed from discarded doors, windows, and even recycled materials. However, if you’re particularly creative when it comes to DIY, there are a variety of wood or plastic composite sheds available at DIY stores that are relatively affordable. A good shed will not only transform the look of your garden, but also how you organise it.

4. Recycle old Furniture


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If you have any old wooden or metal furniture still lingering around in your cellar, it can be taken outdoors, painted and given a new purpose. Repaint old chairs and tables to fit the décor of your garden, and provide you with a place to relax and eat on those hot summer nights. Old benches can be painted and repurposed to give your garden a unique rustic feel. A style that is very popular nowadays.

5. Wooden Garden Walkway

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Take inspiration from the beach. Much like stepping-stones, a wooden walkway enhances a garden’s aesthetic appeal, and provides a natural link between the different areas, giving it a more cohesive feel. It not only makes walking through the garden easier, but it also accentuates its natural beauty. Any old boards can be used, from pallet boards to old unused wooden beams. These can be cut down to size and arranged to form a pathway that can be laid directly on the soil to give your garden a focal point.

6. Invest in a Bike Shed

8 ways to transform your garden. Bike shed.

Little House Lovely Home state that bike storage systems can be a great space-saving idea if you don’t have a garage. The reason being is bikes can be tricky to store indoors and can look extremely untidy if they are just lent up against the house or a garden fence. Screwfix features an array of bike sheds suitable for different needs, including all-metal storage systems that can house up to 3 bikes at once. These weather-proof units are also perfect for guarding the family’s precious bikes against the dreaded British weather. But more importantly, a bike shed will organise the bikes in an ordinary fashion, away from sight.

7. Fire Pit

8 ways to transform your garden. Fire pit

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Whether you’d like to build your own DIY pit or purchase a gas or coal one, a fire pit adds a lovely element to your garden and will provide you with warmth on those chilly nights where you just want to dine al fresco. There are many DIY ideas online using bricks and mortar. For a simpler solution head over to your nearest gardening centre and pick up a charcoal one for that in-garden camping experience.

8. Moss Graffiti

Also known as Green Graffiti, it is a unique and chic decorating idea for your garden wall. Moss graffiti is eco-friendly and requires very little maintenance. Expert Home Tips suggest it may take a bit of work, as you’ll need to go and harvest some moss to begin with, but it’s cheap to recreate and the possibilities for art are only limited by your imagination. Once you have the mixture ready, all you need to do is paint it on your pre-drawn wall design, spray it with water, and watch it grow.

8 easy ways to transform your garden this summer.

8 ways to transform your garden

Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

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  1. Sophe

    I really need to get on with sorting my garden. Currently resembles a dumping ground. Full of old furniture and pieces of scrap. I really like the idea of moss painting, but I wouldn’t know where to start ha!

    I wish I had a bigger garden so I could do more with it. Nothing excited me more than the idea of having a lovely, huge healthy green lawn that I can sit on in the summer. That’ll never happen ha! Fire pit is a go though! Can’t beat sitting in the twilight, cup of tea and a good book!


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