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It’s your wedding and you deserve to have the day you’ve always wanted. That’s what we used to tell ourselves when we were younger, and money didn’t even really enter the equation…But if you’re getting married, the realisation soon hits that you’re going to need to budget everything. From the ceremony, to the transport, flowers, dress, the list goes on!

But just because you’re working with a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have the wedding you and your partner want. Here you’ll find some ideas of how you can save a little more money on your wedding budget. Who says the average wedding has to cost £20,000.

The catering

Anyone who’s got married recently will tell you that the catering takes a huge portion of any wedding budget. But there are ways you can save a little money without effecting your day or the quality of the food.

Considering hiring a hog roast machine for your big day – click here for more information – and you’ll not only save money on a big sit-down meal – but you’ll also create a more relaxed atmosphere; allowing all your guests to mingle and feel at ease.

Wedding party on a budget

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Never say the “W” word

Saying the word wedding when asking for a quote instantly bumps up the price of everything! Whether it’s a DJ or a reception venue, everything is considerably marked up from the outset if you mention you’re getting married.

This is usually because vendors want you to have the best experience that they can offer and therefore mark up their prices to cover this – plus, they’ll know you’ll be willing to pay premium prices. However, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a simple, straightforward quote and then trying to get the vendor to stick to their original quote once they are aware it’s for a wedding. Unless they have a valid reason – there’s no reason why they can’t stick to their original quote.

Don’t forget to haggle

Some aspects of a wedding come at a fixed price, such as the registry office or a church ceremony, but you still have every opportunity to haggle a lower price for things such as flowers, your entertainment or the venue. Don’t be scared! Remember, they’ll want your business.

Peak wedding dates

A summer wedding is a better chance of sunny weather, which is important to many brides – but choosing a popular date for your wedding will make the price sky rocket. If your budget is modest then avoid Valentines Day weekends and Bank Holidays and also peak summer time! Have you considered a Winter Wedding? Demand for DJ’s and large venues is usually quite low, which means your money will certainly go further. A winter wedding can have its own unique charm – think of the gorgeous snowy pictures.

Get married later in the day

Choosing to get married later in the day means that you’ll only have to cater for one meal and also the prices for ceremonies decreases slightly – so you’ll save money there too.

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