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Dove Summer Revived Dermaspa range

Every so often the universe steps in and gives back. Well, I like to think that it does. I’m a cup half full kind of a person, I look for the positives and I try to find the joy is small things. Like most women, life is busy and things come up that I have little or no control over. Over the last while, I’ve been negotiating some difficult life stuff and there have often been times when I’ve been strung out, tired and I’ve felt like I’m running on empty.

Much as I advocate, stopping and finding the smaller or the bigger things that make me feel good, it is just these times when looking after myself is the first thing that slips down the agenda.

You can’t pour from an empty cup

Being tired is a short hop from feeling overwhelmed and finding insignificant things more stressful than they ought to be and thinking that frankly, the universe really isn’t listening at all.

Then a few weeks ago, an email popped into my inbox inviting me on a spa break with Dove on their Summer Revived campaign, and incredibly, it fitted in with my partner’s work inflexible work patterns and I was able to say “yes”.

For 24 hours, I stayed in at the glorious Gainsborough Hotel in Bath. Biscuit coloured and steeped in history, Bath has a pull that is global and it is always bustling. Stepping off the main thoroughfare into a quiet side street amongst elegant Georgian buildings and immediately the pace slows.

Then I step into another much more relaxing world. I’m greeted by friendly staff in the light filled marble entrance hall of the Gainsborough. On checking in, my bag is taken to be delivered to my room. With that bag went the weight of my world, just for a while, the ‘load’ of all the little things went on hold.

Gainsborough Hotel Bath

The Gainsborough prides itself on impeccable service, beautiful spacious rooms with all the details considered and catered for and fine dinning. The spa has exclusive access to the mineral rich Bath thermal waters. I wanted to shout “bingo” but felt that would be inappropriate.

Gainsborough Hotel Bath

The hotel decor is dark muted colours with thick carpets, it gives the feeling of a cocoon. This is enhanced further, as I descended into the candle lit spa area, which smells heavenly. I almost feel I should whisper, but the easy manner of the staff remove any feelings of reverence.

Relaxing by the pool after dipping in the warm waters feels like the first real pause in a long time.

Gainsborough Hotel Bath Dove Summer Revived Dermaspa range

I’m the first to admit that a spa or a hotel break is an expensive treat, but this trip was important reminder that actually sometimes it is about prioritising and the benefits are worth the cost. After 24 hours I left feeling like a winner, a very relaxed one, fresh and focused.

Small things

The small things that make you feel good day to day are just as important. I was a guest of Dove Summer Revived. Dove has a reputation for positive beauty from the warrior women project that was everywhere on instagram last year to self-esteem projects aimed at young women.

A summer glow makes everyone feel good. We’ve reached a point when we know enough about the sun to take skin care more seriously. Much as I love the sun, I don’t want any more sun damage than I have, but I recognise that a bit of glow to the skin gives me a lift and I feel more confident. Because everyone needs small boosts.

I’ve been using Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived for the last 2 weeks not daily, just every now and then. I am a veteran of gradual tanners and the first thing I notice is that DermaSpa has a light fragrance not the usual biscuit smell of similar products. It absorbs well and moistures to create really soft skin and crucially covers evenly.

Dove Summer Revived Dermaspa range

Dove Summer Revived DermaSpa range

Because the event in Bath was hosted by Dove, I’ve been given some extra information, on the product, a little bit more that you’ll find on the supermarket shelf. Dove use skin care technology previously applied to face products and combined it with gradual tan products; Cell-Moisturisers are key in actively moisturising and created from natural seed oils. The product reacts with your skin to produce a ‘brown tint’.

Additionally, to the award winning range is Dove Visible Glow Self-tanning lotion a deeply moisturising product. This, I passed on to family to try and they came back with rave reviews; “ good colour and leaves skin soft” “no streaking”.

Dove Summer Revived Visible Glow range

Both products are available in Fair to Medium and Medium to Dark. I’ve been using the Fair to Medium to create a natural light colour that suits my complexion.

Give yourself a Summer Glow (& learn from my mistakes):

Top tips for application.

Prepare your skin, exfoliate fist. Use a body brush or exfoliate gloves in the shower to remove dry skin. Focus on the knees and tops of your feet, otherwise product ‘pools’ on drier patches and appears darker.

Apply generously right down to your heals and to your toes, a tan that ends at your ankle bone looks odd.

Apply in the evening, give it time to ‘develop’ over night.

Wash hands and forearms after application, otherwise you will have golden palms or golden fore-arm patches from massaging the product in.

At the very top of the post, you’ll see my ‘before product legs’ and these are my ‘after’:

Dove Summer Revived Dermaspa range

Disclosure: I was the guest of Dove and am very happy to work with them on their Summer Revived campaign. All words and opinions on the products are my own.

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