Make your home secure – right now. With these home protection tips

It goes without saying, that the better your home security the more likely you are to keep those burglars at bay. You don’t have to invest in a state of the art burglary system in order to stop thieves from entering your home – which comes as a bit of a relief for those of us on tight budgets – many of our home security issues can be fixed with a simple tour of our own property and taking note of any weak spots or easy access points.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of home protection tips you can implement right now and make you home safer and feel more secure. 

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Outdoor lighting

Burglars and thieves will be looking for places to hide should they be disturbed or for somewhere to hide while they watch your property for signs of life. Don’t make it easy for them. If the area around your property, such as the driveway, corners of the garden, or around the garage is particularly dark, then don’t leave it to chance. Installing good outdoor lighting is the perfect way to deter a thief. LED security lights from LED Hut are a great example of outdoor lighting that is not only ideal for home protection but looks great too.

Motion sensor lights are always popular, and even a light on either side of your front door will help you feel safer if you’re returning home in the dark.

Hide those keys

You’d be amazed at how many people still hide the spare key to their property under the flowerpot or door mat by the front door. You should also be wary of displaying your keys whilst inside your home. Key hooks that are displayed by the front door can easily be reached or grabbed by an opportunist thief – or someone with a lot of time on their hands and a long piece of wire…keep your keys well away from the door. 

Log it

Taking photographs of your property and belongings might seem a lot like hard work, but should a burglary occur, it’s a great way to keep track of anything that might have gone missing. If your items have security markings on them then it’ll not only make a thief think twice, but also help the police to locate your property, should they be sold on. 

Secure your shed/garage

You might be surprised at how many thieves and burglars head straight for your outdoor buildings. That’s because they’re usually filled with expensive tools, bikes, electrical equipment and hardware and even your car! Make sure you have your garage/shed locked up tightly and securely. Try to avoid leaving gardening tools, expensive toys and equipment outdoors/ in the garden. You’re advertising to thieves you might have more items of value inside.

Get it covered

Do you even have home and contents insurance? Having your property and your belongings insured might seem like a task at the time but having everything covered will be a complete relief should anything go wrong. It’s worth it! 

Photo by Ben Sauer on Unsplash


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