Cadbury Inventor

Cadbury Inventor

Currently, my favourite cuppa is turmeric tea. Yep, I’ve jumped on the hipster bandwagon and can be found most mornings with a mug of turmeric gold. It might be impossibly good for me or it might not, a quick root around the internet and I can find articles vigorously suggesting either end of the debate. I wouldn’t say it has changed my life, the flavour is good and it makes a nice alternative to regular tea.

I usually combine it with a slice of cake or a few squares of chocolate straight from the fridge, the satisfying snap of fridge cold chocolate is a joy. My chocolate is hidden on a high shelf behind jars of mayonnaise and pesto, kept just for me. 

There are few women I know who don’t love a block or two of chocolate straight from the fridge and who doesn’t love the odd piece that is just for ‘you’.

Given my life long commitment to Cadbury, when they got in touch and asked me how I might improve on a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk and make it my own, I wasn’t sure where to start.  This is isn’t sticking a name tag on your favourite bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel (which I have been know to do – to make sure it stays mine). This summer Cadbury have a competition to create something new and personal. Step away from the familiar and create something different.

Pick three flavours to add to a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk, they said.  My absolute favourite fruit are raspberries, the soft tart flavour remind me of summer, as a child we had a bank of raspberry canes in the garden, which provided a plentiful bounty in late June and early July.

Cadbury Inventor

Raspberries would be my starter. What would be your choice?

Hop over to Cadbury Inventor and click through the various virtual flavour combinations, there are a possible 90,000, choose three add then mix. Give your bar and name and submit your entry.  Simple, the tricky bit is picking just three.

This is the first time in 100 years of chocolate making that Cadbury have opened up the opportunity to create a new bar. The competition runs across the summer and is a chance to be as imaginative as you like.

Orange would be my second choice, raspberry and orange remind me of summer sorbets and cocktails. Tang of orange and tart of raspberry.

Once all the entries are submitted, they will be judged and three finalists picked. Those finalists will be invited visit Bournville, to be part of the creation of their chocolate combination of choice.

For a limited time, the winning bars will appear in the shops. Giving the public the opportunity to vote via purchase as well as a public vote. The chocolate bar the British people love the most will be available to buy for at least 12 months. Apart from receiving a year’s worth of your chocolate bar creation, would that not the best feeling to see your bar, wrapped in purple bearing the Cadbury logo. Sitting alongside national treasures such as Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut.

Cadbury Inventory

A third choice is difficult, maybe keeping things sweet and indulgent; rice crisps, crunchy and sweet along the tang and tart. Sticky chocolate rice crispy cakes remind me of school bake sales, picked up for 50p – I love them.  For something more grown up;  rosemary.  I was out from an evening of cocktails, my glass was embellished with rosemary, which gave me the inspiration for fruit and herb.

Cadbury Inventor

What do you think? What would be your three?

My personal bar; I decided on raspberry, orange and rosemary. Summer in chocolate bar.

Cadbury Inventor

Competition terms and conditions apply.

Post in partnership with Cadbury, all words and opinions are my own.


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