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It is that time of year when you find yourself thinking about wool cardigans and reaching to the back of the drawer for tights. This summer, the glorious weather prompted me to buy summer dresses for the first time in years. Most mornings, I push those dresses to one side as I flick through the rail, trying to find trousers to go with my boots. When I put clean clothes away, I’m squashing items in beside those same dresses. If, like me, you are short on space, now is the perfect time for organising and storing clothing. Pack it away now and to wear again next year.

Stylish and creative storage ideas. Storing clothing.

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October is ‘that’ month, for accepting that the weather is only going to get colder. You find yourself thinking about the best outfits for rainy days and considering purchases for winter.  Before you shop take some time to sort through your wardrobe.

Get Organised

Organising wardrobes and drawers, is not only about storing out-of-season attire, it also gives you the opportunity to re-discover old favourites and to think about what you no longer wear. We are urged to shop less and wear more. Organising and storing clothes and shoes effectively is good step towards this.

Store clean

Taking care of the garments you have prolongs its lifespan. Clothes moths are on the increase, these tiny creatures can ruin clothing. Start by shaking clothes outside to loosen larvae and wash clothes before storing them. Invest in lavender-scented moth deterrents or cedar wood balls – the scent keeps moths at bay.

Creative and Stylish Storage

We are all time poor and sorting through shoes and clothes that aren’t appropriate for the current season, each day,  is time-consuming and soon becomes pretty irritating.  Most of us have small homes and don’t have the space for walk in wardrobes. We need to be creative and make the most of the space we have.

Putting time aside to organise and store now, frees up space and saves time daily. Storage doesn’t have to mean vacuumed packed bags stashed under the bed. There are lots of creative ways to put away your summer items. Especially, if your home is small and you are short on space. The Holding Company has a range of stylish and practical choices which can be a feature in a room and not something to hide.

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Wicker Baskets

Use the space on top of wardrobes or un-used small spaces. No one wants to look at plastic bags or piles of clothing, however neatly folded. Think outside the bag or box. Use wicker baskets and make a  feature of your storage; stacked one on top of another in a corner or lined up across the top of cupboards. Hide folded summer t-shirts, scarves and shorts in wicker, as the gaps allow air to circulate.  If you choose to store clothes in plastic storage boxes, these can be placed in the wicker baskets on top of a cupboard or wardrobe, hiding the unsightly plastic boxes and all that’s seen is stylish wicker baskets.


Be realistic, why put away items that haven’t been worn for two summers?  Now is the time to be honest with yourself and consider if you really need to keep it. As a nation, we put a staggering £140 million of clothing into landfill.  Stick items you no longer wear through the washing machine and pass them on to a charity shop; someone else gets a new-to-them bargain and a charity benefits. Items beyond repair can be recycled. Check Recycle Now for where to recycle clothing near you.

Footwear Storage

Make space for winter shoes. Put away those summer sandals that are cluttering up the hallway or gathering dust and mould in the bottom of cupboards. It’s worth protecting and caring for shoes that you will wear for 4 months of the year and store for 8. Get years more wear by investing in shoe storage – particularly good for storing expensive special occasion shoes. Give sandals a clean with a soft cloth and use a stiff brush to remove dirt and sand from the bottom of soles.  Salt-Water sandals and flip-flops can literally be run under the tap, before protecting them in a box. Because the boxes are sturdy and protective, they can be put anywhere. Useful, if space is an issue.  Stick them under the stairs, in the loft or out in the garage.

Store well now.  Wear and re-use later.  Buy less. What’s not to like?

Stylish and creative storage ideas. Storing clothing.

Photo by Kia Pilger on Unsplash

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