Checking in

Hello, how are. you? My presence here has been a bit slack. A few months ago, in pursuit of better sleep and work life balance I made the decision not to use my laptop or the internet in the evening.   Evenings of blue-screen aren’t the foundation of a good nights sleep. Life admin seems to be ceaseless and many times I’ve hopped on line to “quickly” look at something and found myself still in the same spot hours later. Life admin, working, and parenting, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do everything and being here slipped down the priorities.

Another reason, for shifting priorities, is that I feel as if I am in the last bubble of one type of parenting. My son was a toddler when I pressed publish on my first blog post, in September he will start secondary school. I feel that before things start to shift and his growing independence blooms a little to further to something that requires less of me, I should make more effort to be available. Set an example and be less wedded to a screen when he is around and invest a little bit more in the time we spend together.

The end of February feels like a good point to find the time to re-surface. The evenings are lighter, daffodils and crocus are plenty, spring feels very close. The slow down of winter is slipping away and the energy of spring is all-embracing.

Checking In

I’m now a fully paid up member of the freelance fraternity, planning a head is a priority and building on the positives of 2018. At the beginning of last year, I had to make some changes and invested in my career-self, in an effort to kick start my work mojo. It paid off, and I secured a 10 month work contract. Other work related bonuses included; being part of Social media Week Bristol. Discovering a new networking group and being bolder about what I do.

Building on that, in December, I signed up to a planning event. Switched off to everything else and allowed ideas to flow. When the avalanche of New Year ‘you can do better, just sign up here, or read this and click that’ emails appeared, I had immunity. I already had a plan, starting with the development of a work website, which feels unexpectedly exciting.

Big things

2018 was the year we adopted a cat, a fourth heart beat at home. I write this twisted, uncomfortably, at the waist, in order to accommodate the cat’s nap on my lap. We’ve all become seduced into maintaining feline happiness.

Small things

A couple of weeks ago, for the second year running it snowed in Bristol. I love snow as much as I love the long hot days of last summer, days for getting outside and relishing in the moment.

With the brighter days (It snowed in March last year, so it might snow again, but as far as I’m concerned, spring is in gear), I’m already thinking about making the most of the longer days. Last year, we camped glorious weather in France and appalling weather in Devon. Revisited favourite places on the South coast and old haunts in London. I discovered Cheltenham and had two rejuvenating spa experiences. Experienced the wonder that is Giffords Circus. All of which, I’d happily do again, however I want to make more of the small things.

Flicking back over pages of scribbled notes in last year’s diary, prompted reminders of the small things that had slipped off my radar. Car boot sales, vintage fairs and days spent locally ambling around Bristol harbour. Visiting friends, family walks and lunches together, cafe catch ups. Laughing with people who I’ve known the longest.

Looking back on the small, less consequential events, I’m reminded how much they ‘spark joy’ (without complicated re-folding instructions). In the whirligig of work, life-admin and parenting, much as I want make big memories, I very much want to fill this year with small things that bring simpler joys. Already, we’ve had to two trips just to see friends, with nothing else on the agenda but spending time together. Celebrating the little things of life, that are more likely to slip by without due attention.

That’s where I find myself, thanks for reading this little catch up.

Hope you are well, and 2019 becomes everything you hope for.


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