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That’s me on the right, Gemma.  This blog began in 2010 as a parenting blog, motherhood is my biggest adventure but it is also just one part of me and over the years ‘hello it’s Gemma’ has evolved into a blog with lifestyle, home and travel themes.

I live in Bristol,  with my partner and my son who was born in 2007.  I am originally from South London and a proud Londoner. Bristol is my third city of residence, for some years we lived in the North of England.  I love living in Bristol and I am a confirmed city dweller,  my soul is in the country and the British Countryside is one of my great loves.

Things that make me happy; days out and travel, Zara (yes, the Spanish clothing store), sunshine, cafes and cake. Dislikes: meat, spiders, desiccated coconut and I’m not very good with lateness.

Why Helloitsgemma:  What’s in a name.

For several years I lived in the North of England, it is usual for people not to lock the doors to their houses if they are at home, as I let myself in, and in one breath, I’d shout: “helloitsgemma!” Mostly, the next step involved the kettle going on. I like the kettle on.

Thank you for visiting. This is a little space for me, a space for me to connect and share. I hope you enjoy what you find here. I post photographs and quality writing on a range of lifestyle themes. Check out the categories in the side bar for a taste.

Welcome to my blog. 
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I’m happy to consider PR opportunities that compliment this blog; see ‘contact & disclosure’ and my ‘work with me’ pages. Please get in touch and we can have a chat.